I made this video to show the process of the construction of a wood tortilla  press.

Stump Table

This piece is made from the part of the tree where the trunk meets the ground and is turning into the roots. For me, this is the most interesting part of the tree.



I saw these roots as I was kayaking the Assiniboine River. They were still attached to the tree hanging over the bank. The next day, I came back with a canoe and saw it was an oak tree that was washed down from erosion. I cut the portion that I could use and floated it down the river to a place accessible for a vehicle. It was taken back to the shop to dry out for 2 years before I started to work the top and finish the table.




Make the best with what you have...

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2002  17" x 54" x 17"

During the building of this table is when I realized that it was possible for me to take an idea and create it into something real. This is where the artistic side of me meets the wood construction side. Together the two forces combine to create.

The inspiration for my woodworking comes from a connection to nature.

Jeff  Morris