Two Colours Fountain

18" x 18" x 56"


I wanted to make a fountain that would flow two different colours.

Just because of the complexity of this fountain, it is probably the one that was the most enjoyable to construct. A great deal of focus was given to a very small space.

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Concrete is a fluid mass until it cures. What I like about making concrete structures is that there is a certain amount of accountability for what I am about to make. Just like a portrait, the piece has to work. The water has to flow from the top to the bottom, without any breaks just as planned. This must happen while building the form. When it's time to pour, its time to pour...too late to make adjustments.

15" x 15" 56"


The Forgotton

24" x 24" x 24"



13" x 15" x 57" 


The Flats

Concrete Fountain

18" x 18" x 60"


As I was  in the design phase of " The Flats ", my main goal was to build a structure that could possibly be a very large building. This piece was meant to be viewed from all sides. Around each corner there is another feature waiting to be discovered.

Green         17" x 22" x 8"  2009

Fire and Water

Jeff   Morris

Castle  Fountain   24" x 24" x 24"    2009 

Blocky River 

  19" x 23" x 8"